Social Studies Interactive

1.What is a government?
A group of people who make laws that tell people what to do. The government also make rules so people will not get hurt. The government creates rules and laws to protect people. They make laws to keep people safe. Our government works to give us a good life. A government help people solve problems. Our government provides services. The government helps people in the U.S.A united. Our government helps build highways, schools, libraries, hospitals, police, and fire departments.

2. What is a constitution?
The constitution has been created for all people. The constitution is a document of rules and laws. It has the most important laws written on it. The constitution is a PLAN for our country to follow to we can all have a good life.

3. Why do countries need governments?
Countries need governments to help its communities when problems occur. Countries need governments to keep the country safe. governments help to keep life fair. Governments help people obey rules and laws. Countries need governments to help create opportunities for people to go to school and have better life. Countries need governments so rules, laws, and safety are created for the people.

4. What might happen if a country didn't have a government?
If we did not have a government people could get hurt and there would be a lot of chaos. If we did not have a government people would not be safe. If we did not have a government we may not have the services that we have today.